We represent clients in tax controversy cases involving IRS and State income tax audits and t examinations. Representation includes IRS appeals and filing taxpayer petitions with the United States Tax Court.

As part of the exam process, we advise clients on the examination process and where the taxpayer and IRS examiner do not agree we outline the strategy of electing to forgo the IRS appeal process and file a petition with the US Tax Court. If you are subject to Audit, we would be happy to discuss the advantage of this strategy.

  • C Corporation

  • S Corporation

  • Partnership

  • LLC

  • Consolidated Structures

  • Transactional & Due Diligence

Shareholders, company executives and private equity investors all have the objective of maximizing value and returns.

Mergers and acquisitions have the potential to add considerable value and boost returns for strategic buyers and provide outstanding returns to financial buyers. We assist organizations in the process of acquiring or disposing of businesses or business units. We understand each stage of the transaction process. We assist clients in ensuring that each stage is successful through our transaction experience combined with technical, accounting and tax expertise.

Audit Representation

Tax Services


  • Tax Reduction Strategies

We deliver creative, practical solutions to reduce or defer income taxes. Our advice includes choice of entity (i.e. Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, S Corporation, etc.) alternative accounting methods, and accounting periods. We also advise on specific transactions and alternative structures to fit your particular situation. Our frequent contact and active involvement with owners and key executives form the foundation of our approach, allowing us to develop tax strategies that fit each situation. We prepare and review the income tax returns for the owners of the businesses we serve. In today’s market, most owners understand how their individual tax returns are impacted​

  • Tax Preparation Services

In addition to our tax reduction strategies, we provide Federal, State & Local tax preparation services for Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Individuals, Trusts and Estates. During the course of preparing your returns we will discuss with you tax reduction strategies which are appropriate under the circumstances.

  • Cost Segregation Studies

Through cost segregation studies, we can identify, separate and reclassify qualified real and personal property into shorter depreciable tax lives. These studies often result in improved cash flow, a reduction in income tax costs and maximization of your return on investment.

  • Choice of Business Entity

We advise clients on the pros and cons of the various business entities available with regard to compensation, benefits, tax deferral, related party transactions, tax free incorporations, redemptions of interest, sale of interest, asset step-up.